Benefits of SAUBA

SAUBA socket brushes clearly outperform all ‚traditional‘ cleaning methods: Sockets can be found everywhere and without them neither living nor work seems possible. However, in most cases these sockets are open and exposed to dust and dirt. Sooner or later they become unsightly. So up until now there were only two options left: ignore them or clean the sockets somehow. We have asked around and found that this „somehow“ is always awkward, dirty or not safe.

SAUBA can do better. With the special cleaning brush for cleaning your sockets thoroughly, safely and – in a jiffy. This is confirmed by our customers, read the feedback from some of our satisfied SAUBA users here.

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A damp cloth when cleaning is always at hand. So why not quickly wipe round the socket? This is not recommended! Light electric shocks are unlikely, but possible. And you will not get it fully clean, because the cloth cannot reach the corners of the socket.



Unscrewing the socket to insert it into the water, is a common method. Along with turning off the fuse however, this is doubly inefficient: A lot of preparations and follow-up work are needed and other electrical appliances (e.g. refrigerator) are without power during this time.



A paper towel is also always at hand. The corners of a socket can be so terrible to clean thoroughly with this. And all too often „shreds“ of paper remain in the socket. If you really want to clean the socket, discard this alternative immediately.


Cotton swabs are another, popular cleaning method. A very delicate tool which unfortunately also bends quickly or loses its shape. Thus, the cleaning of the socket is a never-ending task and is simply not fun.

SAUBA is different: handy, safe, fast and easy to use. With a precision-fit brush to clean the corners without any drawbacks.

Simply insert the brush into the socket, rotate it firmly to and fro several times, take out, done. SAUBA!

No need to disconnect the fuse, when the product is used in dry form as recommended. With particularly stubborn dirt in the socket, we recommend adding some scouring powder to the brush.

SAUBA is a quality product thanks to:

  • high-quality materials
  • robust construction
  • Production in a specialised company
  • Safety testing in the laboratory

SAUBA holds up to 2,000 cleaning cycles. Simply replace with new SAUBA brush afterwards or in cases of extreme wear and tear.