Real innovations start with real solutions! This requires imaginative, persistent people – like the two founders of SAUBA.

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The story of this visionary company begins in the life of a cosmopolitan young man: a good 30 years ago, Tom makes his first plans for a cleaning brush for power sockets A fixed idea of his order-loving grandmother. He sketches, models, samples. And put those attempts in the desk drawer for a long time.

In 2013, he dug out the drawings again and then things started to happen: Tom got a female comrade-in-arms. Together with Irina he builds up a partner network and the first prototype of a socket brush is created. His invention spreads like wildfire. Building cleaners, retailers, hygiene retailers, DIY stores – they all want this innovation that finally ensures clean sockets in no time at all.

It is the birth of SAUBA. And from the determined corporate philosophy of combining quality, function, design and sustainability in a meaningful way.

Today, the two call it Cleaning Innovations and that’s also how they came up with their latest idea: LOOWY_EN, the bristle-free toilet brush. Insanely good design, slats instead of bristles for real hygiene, renewable and recycled raw materials and German production. And just in case, the LOOWY_EN lamella heads are (of course) also available for replacement – true to the mission of making life cleaner, more sustainable and a little easier.

And that is far from the end of the line. The founders pursue further product ideas with passion and intellect as well as a real affair of the heart: CO2-neutral production 100% made in Germany.

So that the home remains a place to feel good: clean, with style – and with a good conscience.

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