Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find a selection of the questions we are asked most frequently about our products. Your question isn’t there? Please contact us at and our customer service will take care of your request within 48 hours.





What material are the brushes made of?

All our brushes are made of robust polypropylene. We take care to use as many recycled raw materials as possible. The wood we use for the natural versions of our brushes is solid wood and also FSC/PEFC certified.

Are the brushes suitable for the dishwasher?

Yes, you can clean our brushes in the dishwasher without hesitation – with the exception of brushes made of natural materials, i.e. wood. Please do not clean them in the dishwasher!

Are the woods you use waterproof?

Yes, all our woods are oiled and therefore waterproof. They can therefore come into contact with water without hesitation. After some time in use, however, it will not harm the brushes if you re-oil them with a commercially available wood oil.

Will I get electrocuted if I use a socket brush without turning off the power?

No, you can safely use any of our socket brushes without turning off the power first. There is no risk of electric shock.

Where do you manufacture your products?

All our products are Made in Bavaria, i.e. quality goods manufactured in our beloved Bavarian homeland.

How do you ensure sustainability in your products?

We take special care to use recycled materials wherever possible. For all products made of natural materials we only use certified materials. In addition, production in our own country means shorter transport distances, which results in a better CO2 footprint for our products.

In order to meet the goal of climate-neutral production, we also guarantee to create an offset for every piece produced.

Can I buy my SAUBA brush in different colours?

With some brushes you can make a color selection. This selection is made in our shop when you add your products to the shopping cart.

How can I choose different versions of my brush?

Just as with the different colours, you can also choose between different versions of some of our products. Again, the selection can be made in the shop when you add your products to the shopping cart.

How did you come up with the idea of the socket brush?

Originally, the idea of the socket brush was based on the cleaning obsession of grandmother, who was always annoyed by dirty sockets. To remedy this, we have come up with something – the result is the socket brush.

How do I use your products correctly to get the best cleaning performance?

Each of our brushes is super easy to use. However, you can still find special tips and tricks on our YouTube channel, where we provide a short video of the application for each brush!

What is the best way to clean my LOOWY_EN?

As always, if you are cleaning the toilet anyway, pour a toilet cleaner of your choice into the bowl as needed, clean the toilet as you normally would, and then simply leave your LOOWY_EN in the toilet water for a few minutes. Then rinse, hold LOOWY_EN in the surge of water – done! The LOOWY_EN is completely clean again!

Do you have any tips for replacing the head?

Sure! The best thing to do is to take a rubber glove (or alternatively a towel (but put it in the wash afterwards! 😉 ) or just some sheets of toilet paper), grab the head hard and just pull it off. After that you can simply put on the new head, just pay attention to the structure of the plug-in system!

On which thread does the interchangeable head of the LOOWY_EN fit?

We have 2 different thread sizes in our range for our interchangeable head, in order to cover as many common (and known to us) thread sizes as possible. The choice between “Thread wide M12” and “Thread narrow” you can meet in the shop on the side of the exchange head.

Can I wash the LOOWY_EN head in the dishwasher?

Phew, in principle you can do that of course, because the LOOWY_EN head withstands the temperatures in the dishwasher without any problems. But whether we would recommend it to you…? Hard to say, we can’t make that decision for you. But we would rather not do it!

(Note: Yes, we really have been asked this question a few times. We are surprised ourselves!)

What materials is the head made of?

Our LOOWY_EN head is made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers). We have deliberately decided against silicone, because after some time, and especially with regular contact with water, silicone begins to smell unpleasant and can also lose its color and structure. Our innovative TPE composition is also the reason for LOOWY_ENspecial properties: antibacterial, germ-free and water-repellent! It’s also insanely sturdy and very durable!

Do you actually use wood from controlled cultivation for your brushes?

Of course! All our woods are pure solid woods and come from controlled cultivation, all of which are FSC/PEFC certified. True to our motto of sustainability, we pay particular attention to the responsible selection of our materials.

Does the LOOWY_EN holder actually have a secure stand in the bathroom?

Sure, our plastic holders have three rubber nubs, which keeps them from slipping and keeps them standing securely, and our ceramic holders are also stable due to their heavier weight and flat bottom.

Is there any way I can have the "LOOWY-Look%without replacing my entire brush "LOOWY-Look%

Sure! With our “Head+” we offer a way to turn any standard interchangeable head toilet brush into a genuine LOOWY_EN. In order to cover as many brush types as possible, we offer the “Head+” with two different thread types (“M12” and “thread wide”). The exact dimensions of the respective thread type can be found on the product page in our shop!

Approximately how long can I use my LOOWY_EN before I need to replace the brush or head?

Basically we can say here: very long, so at least times 5 years! Of course you can change the head as often as you like. With a little care and regular cleaning, however, there’s really no expiration date for your LOOWY_EN.

The brush itself you can theoretically even pass on, as long as no defects occur… 😉

Isn't a wooden handle unsanitary compared to plastic?

No, definitely not! Most woods (including the ones we use) are naturally antibacterial and germ-free for several reasons. The two most important properties are the tannins of the wood and the hygroscopic properties, which give bacteria and germs no chance to survive on the surface.

Incidentally, this is also the reason why wooden cutting boards are usually considered the better alternative to plastic in the kitchen!

Does LOOWY_EN lose its water-repellent and antibacterial properties over time?

No. Our LOOWY_EN does not lose these properties because they are not present due to a special coating of the head, but due to the special mixing ratio of the material the head is made of. So as long as the head is there, LOOWY_EN does not lose these properties!

What makes the LOOWY_EN so special and different from other silicone brushes?

We could give you hundreds of reasons, but here is a selection of the most important (for us):

  1. The head of the LOOWY_EN is not made of silicone, but of a silicone-like material. The advantage of this is that – just like silicone – it is naturally water-repellent, but at the same time much more robust, durable and odourless.
  2. The replaceable head means that our customers are not forced to buy a completely new toilet brush every time the head stops working. This contributes to environmental protection and is cost-effective and good for the conscience.
  3. The LOOWY_EN is produced exclusively in Bavaria and therefore has a significantly better CO2 footprint than brushes that are produced abroad and have to be imported first.
  4. Due to the production in Bavaria we have the further advantage that we can carry out quality controls on a large scale ourselves without any problems. This guarantees our customers that they are buying a truly high-quality product that is Made in Germany. At SAUBA, we like to keep our promises of quality!
Where's my order?

Please note the current delivery time, which is displayed during the ordering process. As soon as the order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation. Check your email regularly for this. For smaller products (e.g. COVA the privacy screen, socket brushes, etc.) unfortunately no tracking is possible, since these are sent as a large letter.

To which countries can I have your products delivered?

Currently we deliver to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and UK. More shortly, I’m sure.

How can I change or cancel my order?

Our order system is almost completely automatic and it is usually processed within 24 hours. The faster you inform us about changes, the better we can implement them. Please write an email to at any time and remember to include the order number. Of course, the 14-day right of withdrawal for goods purchased online remains unaffected. However, we cannot give you a guarantee that the shipment can still be stopped.

Can I still change the shipping address afterwards?

The sooner you inform us about the change of the shipping address, the better we can implement it. Our order system is almost completely automatic and usually your order will be processed within 24 hours. So please write us an email immediately to and remember to include the order number as well as the new shipping address. However, we cannot give you a guarantee that the shipment can still be rerouted.

What do I have to do if I want to return my package?

Of course you can send your order back to us. Pack it securely, ideally in the original box, and in the condition it arrived with you. Please send your order back to us at the following address:

SAUBA Innovations GmbH
Hohenzollernstr. 122
80796 Munich

Unfortunately we can not refund the shipping costs. The cost of your order will be refunded to you after we receive your return via your original payment method. Please also be sure to include your order number with your return so that we can allocate your return. If you were not satisfied with your order, please let us know via customer support so that we can continuously improve.

How can I complain about my article?

If, contrary to expectations, a fault or defect has occurred in your product, we regret this and accept complaints at the following e-mail address:

Please send us meaningful pictures of the damage with the order number.
Note: We can only process complaints for items purchased on If you have purchased your SAUBA or LOOWY_EN through another dealer, this dealer is your contractual partner and is responsible for the complaint. However, if you need help because there are problems with the claim, feel free to contact us and we will try to help you.

Is it possible to exchange an ordered item?

At the moment we do not offer direct exchange. Send the item(s) you are not satisfied with back to us and feel free to order again in the shop.

Where can I redeem the coupons and discount codes?

You can easily redeem your coupons and discount codes in the last step of the order process, the checkout. Please also note the redemption conditions. If applicable, the voucher/discount code has a minimum order value or excludes some products.

Is there a minimum order value?

No, there is no minimum order value. From an order value of 50 Euro (for DE) and 100 Euro (for all other countries) the shipping is free of charge.

What are your shipping conditions?

You can easily check our shipping conditions to different regions on our page “Shipping & Delivery”.

How long does the delivery of the order take?

Of course, this varies between the different delivery areas. On the respective product pages in the shop is a time indication, how long the delivery will take approximately. You can use that as a guide.

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