SAUBA quality for Swiss sockets

The Swiss (and the Liechtensteinians, too) maintain a unique socket system, the so called type J sockets. Most relevant Swiss sockets have a hexagon geometry (officially called T13 in Swiss socket norm SEV 2011; sales of T12 only allowed until end of 2016) making it difficult to clean them diligently without a dedicated tool.
Here we go – SAUBA developed a brush specifically made for cleaning Swiss sockets.

The brush is available since end of 2015 at specialized retailer Pro-Idee and distributed by our partner WEBSTAR since early 2016.

For product samples or further information on SAUBA’s Swiss socket brush please contact us directly!

JUNO in action

Swiss socket (T13)

JUNO, our socket brush for Switzerland, is available in the market since end 2015 at first retailers. In case you wish to receive more information on JUNO, just contact us directly!