Dusting broom for detailed cleaning

Because any normal brush reaches its limits, we have integrated the specialized cockpit broom PINO into the SAUBA family.

PINO is a specialist in the areas where nothing else cleans up diligently: Loudspeaker grilles or air outlets in your car, lamps and other tiny electrical appliances, joints and edges, surfaces, etc. – PINO removes dust thoroughly and quickly in every crack.

The decisive advantage of cockpit broom PINO over conventional brushes is that the bristles are not mounted in one block, but in single bundles. Thereby each bundle can be individually moved and so contribute to an optimal cleaning results. We also use for PINO a special bristle material on which the dust literally sticks.

ProductCockpit broom PINO
Color combination (default)SAUBA white/grey;
individual color combination or logo print upon request
Packaging unit10 brooms, packed in special SAUBA display
Scope of deliveryIncl. manual and multilingual hang-tag (incl. EAN)

Interested in more information on PINO, the cockpit broom from SAUBA? Just contact us directly!